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Planning & Design Service

For all Aluminium, Glass Façade & Partition Systems, Interior & Exterior Decorations for Commercial and Residential Buldings.

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Manufacture & Fabricate

All Installable and Replacement Parts for Aluminium Claddings, Glazed Curtains & Walls, Partitions, Doors, Gates, Windows & Aluco Accessories

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Contract & Instal Service

Instal Aluco Cladding, Structural Glazed Curtain Walls, Partitioning, Aluminium Windows and Doors, Composite Panels, Aluco Bonds etc.

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Maintain, Repair & Consult

Provide Consultancy and Maintainance Services, Repairs for All Aluminium and Glazings, Interior and External Systems and Replacement Parts

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Planning and Design Services

Our Planning and Design Services deploys supreme expertise and cutting edge design with aluminium capable of deployment in aluminium design projects from multi-million dollar building developments to the smallest consumer products. Designing with aluminium is a statement of intent. To produce the highest quality products while exploiting the advantages of a strong, lightweight, durable and design friendly material..

The whole manufacturing and production process starts with the design. It is here that the extrusion takes shape and features are built in to reduce weight, simplify assembly, add functionality and minimise finishing costs. Here we take advantage of the unique benefits of aluminium, in combination with the extrusion process, to make a cost-effective product with optimal functionality and an attractive appearance..

Manufacture and Fabricate Services

The best design will fail if not properly implemented. Cibo Aluminium can fabricate your entire system in our state-of-the-art facilities, provide glass sizes, and bundle materials KD by elevation. Aluminium Glasings, Doors, Gates, Partitions, Claddings, Accessories, Balconies, Sorefronts, Office Cubicles, etc.

We also supply all needed accessories, handles, glass, Special function windows, Security Doors and Frames, Steel-Framed Entrances and Storefronts, Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts, Pass Windows, Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls, Steel-Framed Entrances and Storefronts, Storefronts, Special Function Windows, Fire Rated Windows, Glass Glazing, Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls, Translucent Wall and Roof Assemblies, Structural Glass Curtain Walls, everything you need for your aluminium, cutting wall interior and exterior decoration works. You save time, reduce cost, and errors.

We manufacture strictly to specification and for any modular curtain wall project and for stick-built projects where significant assembly is performed, high level professionalism is deployed and quality control manual for fabrication procedures for specific curtain wall system, are followed to achieve best results. Our experienced Quality control Personl have sole responsibility is to ensure that all aspects of the required design are implemented. Careful design, factory and field quality control, and periodic field testing during construction also are required to help ensure curtain wall performance.

Contract and Install Services

Cibo Aluminium Co. speciallises in the installation of both stick systems and unitized systems. We do aluminium works for Residential buildings, Condominiums and Commercial ones with a variety of curtain walls, structured glazing systems, aluco cladding, Windows, Doors, Gates, partitions, accessories and replacement parts. Contracts awarded to Cibo Aluminium for any of these works are carried out to the highest industry standards with experience and expertise which is the hallmark of our services.

Curtain walls are classified by their method of fabrication and installation in two categories: stick built and unitized systems. Unitized curtain wall systems are comprised of large units that are assembled and glazed in the factory. They are then shipped to the job site and erected on the building façade. The vertical and horizontal modules mate and stack together to create a complete system. Cranes are most often used to install these systems as modules can be one story tall and five to six feet wide.

Stick systems consist of the curtain wall frame verticals (mullions) and glass or opaque panels that are installed and connected piece by piece. These parts are usually fabricated and shipped KD (knocked down) to the job site for installation. In stick-framed aluminum curtain walls, vertical mullions typically run past two floors, with a combined gravity/lateral anchor on one floor (wind load anchor), and another lateral anchor (dead load anchor) on the other. Splices between the mullions allow vertical movement while providing lateral resistance. In larger areas of stick-framed curtain walls, split vertical mullions are sometimes used to allow for thermal movement, which can slightly distort the anchors. In this case, glass units must accommodate movement of the surrounding aluminum frame by sliding along glazing gaskets. This movement within the frame and in the anchors tends to induce additional stress on stick built systems.

All curtain wall systems—through their floor structure or immediate framing—must transfer and uphold its own dead load and live loads, including positive and negative wind loads, snow loads at large horizontal areas, seismic loads, and maintenance loads. While curtain walls are likely to demonstrate movement caused by perpetual thermal changes, it is important to ensure that the connections that anchor the curtain wall are engineered to allow differential movement while resisting applied loads and pressures.

Interior v. Exterior Glazing

Both unitized and stick systems can be either interior or exterior glazed. Both types offer glazing contractors various advantages and disadvantages during the installation process. Interior glazed systems allow for glass or spandrel installation into curtain wall openings from the interior of the building. Interior glazed systems are often specified for low-rise buildings, or applications with limited interior obstructions that allow for easy interior access.

With exterior glazed systems, glass and spandrel components are installed from the exterior side of the curtain wall. They require swing stage, scaffolding, or a man-lift to install and glaze.

Partition Systems are also

Maintenance and Repair Services

We carry out planned maintenance and repair regimes, repair and refurbish your current aluminium and glazing systems, repair damaged aluminium and wood partition systems

Why Choose Cibo Aluminium

Experience Cibo Aluminium has been completing repairs for our customers for many years with high performance.

Attention to Detail Cibo Aluminium hires only the most detail oriented technicians to carry out and complete your repairs in a thorough, professional manner.

Superior Training Our technicians undergo continual training to stay ahead of the curve on the latest innovations and technology in the industry.

Customer Service

Customer service is our mission! We look forward to completing your repair services to get your home or business back to a comfortable working environment with aethetic comfort. We want to earn your loyalty so that you feel comfortable choosing Cibo Aluinium for any future aluminium, glazing, cladding and partitioning needs.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services in design, evaluation of existing aluminium systems, carrying out monitoring on poorly deployed aluminium systems with a view to reommending corrective measures.

We also provide civil and structural engineering consultancy services

Of course. However, a good quote is usually give after professional analysis of the structure, an evaluation of the need, the design to be implemented and the materials to be deployed. After these, we can deliver a quote to you in a jiffy.
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